Rural Financial
Counselling Service NSW

Central West Inc. (RFCS-CW)

Objectives of the Association


  1. Establish a broad based community organisation whose primary purpose is to make available free and confidential financial counselling assistance to our clients (eligible primary producers, fishers and small rural businesses);
  2. Deliver effective, flexible and responsive services to clients in need of assistance;
  3. Provide our clients with access to financial information, options, decision support and referrals to other sources of industry, professional and government assistance;
  4. Empower our clients to make their own decisions on how to most effectively manage change and adjustment issues;
  5. Take any action deemed necessary to develop and promote education, information and assistance services, or carry out any other functions considered of benefit to people in rural areas;
  6. Maintain a not for profit organisation dedicated to ensuring that income is utilised to pursue the above objects.

 The Strategic Plan sets out the purpose, direction and values of the RFCS-CW and is the driver for all future actions and objectives of the organisation to achieve its vision of:


The Rural Financial Counselling Service NSW – Central West Inc. aims lead in the provision of Rural Financial Counselling and other support services in Australia.


The core values of the Rural Financial Counselling Service NSW – Central West Inc. are:

  • Quality Customer Service
  • Commitment to our Vision
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Flexible and Innovative
  • Compassionate, sensitive & caring
  • Independence and Excellence


Rural Financial Counselling Service NSW – Central West Inc. identified 5 key components which form the basic for the Strategic Plan, through the Strategic Priorities and resulting Key Result Areas (KRA’s).

The five distinct areas outline below are the Strategic Priorities for the implementation of the strategies.

  1. CHANGES AND THE FUTURE CHALLENGES OF FARMING - The environment in which Australia’s agriculture and farming sector operates is becoming increasingly complex. The sector must be positioned to address its diverse mix of challenges.
  2. CONTRACT & REGULATORY COMPLIANCE - Develop operating plans that align with previously identified contract positions, adapt to legislation change and allows our business to successfully meet appropriate regulator requirements.
  3. GOVERNMENT EXPECTATIONS - Adopt a sound understanding of Government thinking, policy direction and become actively engaged in policy formation.   Meet all performance reporting, communication and accountability to Government.
  4. ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND EFFECTIVENESS - Develop an effective governance and management structure whilst taking a visionary approach to planning and continued improvement of the service.
  5. COMMUNICATION & EFFECTIVENESS - Develop effective means of communication with Government & Industry Bodies, Stakeholders and Clients whilst maintain relevant networks.